ZoomiTM Dashboard

The industry’s most powerful and intuitive analytics visualization tool. Succinct, easy-to-understand graphics provide unprecedented insight into all aspects of the learning process and deliver actionable data that can directly link employee learning to business impact.

  • View course reports that communicate unmatched levels of granular data in easily digestible graphs and charts
  • Track and monitor the progress of learners who are struggling so you can intervene early and put them back on the path to success
  • Utilize trends to detect learner preferences, patterns and anomalies to inform content delivery
  • Tap into internal social learning network data to identify leaders and subject matter experts

Zoomi doesn’t require you to be a data scientist in order to understand the powerful analytics provided through Zoomi Dashboard – only the desire to build a smarter and more successful organization.

See Immediate Improvements in Your Training Investment.
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Learner Progress

View all of your learner progress data in one place.

Zoomi Dashboard Overview displays timely and relevant data which will assist you in gaining actionable insight into your course material and learner performance, all presented by beautifully succinct visualizations and graphs.

Learner Performance

Every learner has a unique learning style, and not every road to educational enlightenment is the same. Review these patterns, and see where learners (and possibly course content) may be falling down. Zoomi Dashboard Performance provides instructors with unbelievable insight into how individual learners perform on quiz questions, and exams.

Learning Influencers

Take a look at who your organization’s key learning influencers are, and take hold of your Social Learning Network (SLN). Zoomi Dashboard Social depicts how learners interact with each other, through the sharing of notes or communicating with each other via enterprise social networks. With Zoomi Dashboard, talking in class is not only a good thing… it’s encouraged.

Dashboard Social

Find out how Zoomi’s artificial intelligence can improve your training.

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