ZoomiTM Player

Your learner’s home base and roadmap for eLearning course progress, whether in the office or on-the-go. Keep learners engaged with a seamless, state-of-the-art educational experience.

  • Combine and analyze media rich content, including video and responsive eLearning
  • Empower networking and learner groups across dispersed populations
  • Collect real-time data to feed the Zoomi Dashboard™ and Zoomi Engine™ to dynamically adapt content based on behavioral patterns
  • Leverage bookmark, notes and highlight features to keep learners interested and increase completion rates

Zoomi Player will seamlessly integrate within your existing LMS ecosystem – and is fully compatible with leading authoring tools in market today, including Storyline®, and Captivate®. Zoomi Player has the ability to deliver beautifully rendered video, PDF and EPUB content.

See Immediate Improvements in Your Training Investment

Individualized Learning Evaluations

Quiz style assessments capture how comfortable learners are with their response, time taken to respond, and, of course, correct and incorrect answers.

Learning Adaptations

A learner’s unique material comprehension style and evaluation performance will dictate how Zoomi Player and Zoomi Engine dynamically modify the Core Experience.

Find out how Zoomi’s artificial intelligence can improve your training.

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