Zoomi Delivers Immediate Improvements in Your Training Investment

Everyone has their own unique learning style. So why don’t corporate training programs typically take this into account? One-size-fits-all training modules are not an effective way to train employees.

To prove training success, learning leaders must measure and track employee results. Demonstrating learning effectiveness and measuring success is about more than quiz and test results, satisfaction surveys and the number of courses completed.

Using Zoomi’s Artificial Intelligence for Learning™, companies can maximize training efforts through increased completion rates, improved course effectiveness, reduced training costs, increased employee productivity and improved learner engagement.

Zoomi’s analytics will help your company demonstrate the correlation between training performance and business outcomes, making employee training an integral part of the business strategy, rather than a cost center factored into the annual budget.

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce Training Costs

Shorten training hours and eliminate the need for costly program revisions

Zoomi’s more than 250 proprietary algorithms enable never before seen individualized training. Its machine learning and artificial intelligence identify how each user learns best and adapts training pathways in real-time to maximize time spent in training and improve course outcomes. Data-driven learning is optimizing how we learn.

Zoomi offers truly personalized learning, which shortens training labor hours by up to 60% because content is modified based on each user’s learning preferences. The in-course modifications allow you to deliver content in a way that is most effective for each learner, eliminating the need for costly program revisions and employee re-enrollment. You’ll save time and money – a positive impact on your training ROI.

Increase Training Effectiveness

Personalize training to improve learner comprehension by more than 50%

Zoomi’s proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence study behavioral data and identify patterns regarding how users interact with training materials, such as skimming through content, rewinding videos several times and skipping back and forth. These patterns allow machine learning to predict employee success and their likelihood to pass a course. Artificial intelligence can adapt content based on each individual user’s learning preference. Zoomi can identify future points of failure and alter content while users are still in-course to reduce drop-out and failure rates. Algorithms can also identify training content that employees don’t successfully engage with so companies can improve overall training programs.

For the first time, learning leaders can measure success beyond hours of training completed and test and quiz scores. As you know, time spent in training in no way correlates to knowledge transfer. With Zoomi, predictive and prescriptive analytics enable companies to measure and predict employee success as well as their future engagement levels with training content. Data-driven learning increases learner comprehension by 50%, making training an effective investment. And when training is individualized, engagement rates double, improving the overall learning experience.

The ability to predict future learner behavior in the organizational setting is a critical component to linking learning to business impact.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Double engagement rates and accelerate employee onboarding with personalized training content

With Zoomi, more effective delivery and fewer hours spent on training translates into more productive employees. In fact, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report cited better learning opportunities as one of the largest drivers of employee engagement. By identifying employees who learn more quickly, Zoomi’s algorithms fast-track their training, bypassing content they have already mastered and optimizing time spent in training. Zoomi’s individualized learning pathways accelerate onboarding and get employees back to work 70% faster. More successful training cultivates stronger employee skill sets, allowing them to perform better following onboarding. People are a business’s best asset, and providing them with the training they need to succeed will ultimately improve your ROI.

Zoomi enables human resources to empower employees to lead a more rewarding career through engaging, effective training.

Ensure Compliance

Use artificial intelligence to predict course outcomes with over 85% accuracy and increase course completion

Zoomi enables targeted improvements to training material based on analytics surrounding training effectiveness and employee engagement. Zoomi’s machine learning and artificial intelligence automatically alters course content while learners are in-course, based on learner preferences and behavioral patterns, to increase course completion rates – even compliance training.

The machine learning algorithms recognize what an employee already knows and what still needs to be taught to save time and begin training at the most appropriate skill level. Existing learning platforms use quiz and test results to alter content delivery, but Zoomi’s artificial intelligence can predict course outcomes with over 85% accuracy and reroute learners through personalized training that will truly benefit employees.

Effective, meaningful training is key for business growth and meeting compliance.

Find out how Zoomi’s artificial intelligence can improve your training.