Zoomi is Artificial Intelligence for Learning®

Measure, track, and improve your training

Why Zoomi?

ZoomiTM Engine

More than 200 proprietary algorithms power this first-of-its-kind machine learning technology

ZoomiTM Dashboard

The industry’s most powerful and intuitive analytics visualization tool

ZoomiTM Player

Your learner’s home base and roadmap for eLearning course progress

Harness the Power of Your Learning Data

Reduce Training Costs

Maximize your training ROI with Zoomi’s predictive and prescriptive analytics. The only machine learning and artificial intelligence solution in the training industry, Zoomi can shorten training labor hours by up to 60%.

Increase Training Effectiveness

Zoomi identifies learner preferences based on behavioral data and patterns and adapts training content in-course, increasing learner comprehension by more than 50%.

Boost Productivity

Automated adaptive learning leads to more effective training, ultimately resulting in a more productive workforce. Zoomi puts employees back to work 70% faster than traditional training by accelerating learners through material they’ve already mastered and developing stronger skill sets.

Ensure Compliance

Use Zoomi’s analytics to predict course outcomes early with over 85% accuracy so you can meet compliance every time. Through Zoomi, training content is delivered in the most effective way for each learner, increasing course completion rates.

Improve your Training ROI with Zoomi’s Artificial Intelligence for Learning™.

See immediate results, improve employee performance and inform the future development of more effective training programs with Zoomi.