ZoomiTM Engine

Powered by more than 200 proprietary algorithms, Zoomi Engine is an artificial intelligence based data analysis engine that assesses, in real-time, how each employee interacts with information. It discovers cognitive, behavioral and affective preferences for each learner which describe, diagnose, predict and prescribe learner outcomes. The AI-informed data analytics allow Zoomi to personalize content automatically and in real-time.

See Immediate Improvements in Your Training Investment

Zoomi Engine

This first-of-its-kind machine learning technology makes automatic, on-the-fly adjustments, adapting the experience to best meet learner preferences.

  • Optimize employee performance by providing automated individualized learning pathways
  • Predict future success rates to improve content delivery
  • Align and track training content to specific business objectives
  • Onboard and educate employees faster

Find out how Zoomi’s artificial intelligence can improve your training.

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